wow people still follow this blog?

I forgot all about it


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bringing this back since this problem gets submitted about 500 times a day…

Anonymous said: Over all, I really like your blog. But some things on here are just kind of close minded and contradictory. Ive had several different piercings. Why is it 'dealing' when people get curious? Yea, sometimes people make jackass comments, but just ignore it. Who cares what they think? Not everyone studied anatomy in school. Dont expect people to know. When Im asked questions like that, I just answer the best I can. No reason to get all defensive.

I agree with you - I try not to get defensive since that won’t help educating people on piercings at all. I do not agree with every piercing problems I make, and so I don’t agree with the ones about “dealing with” people, but as they were submitted, I made them.


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Do you post mainly tattoos/piercings/band pics?

Like this and I’ll possibly follow you on my other blog.

(My dash is always so dead on it so yeah)


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that one is fucking long O.O